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Think you can trust Google? Read this...

Sometimes people ask me why I have invested part of my time into starting a web design company. Don't I have more important things to do?

I do.

But technology and information are so critical in the 21st century, I decided to be independent when it comes to technology...and help others in the process. Do you lead a small or medium size business? Non-profit organization? Church? Network?

Regardless of your sphere of interest, if you want to reach your target audience, you need to have the tools to do it and those tools better be efficient. Not only that, but privacy and security are of primary concern as well!

Read the story below to find out what Google did to me and what might happen to you and others you know...

Think you can trust Google? Think again!
This is my second bout with the company. The first time they removed AdWords from my pro-Israel, anti-Islam blog.

Now Google strikes again! Here's the story:

Last year in Bulgaria I organized the Committee for Defense of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty in Belarus. This was done to support New Life Church in Minsk, Belarus and their efforts to fight back the corrupt government of dictator Lukashenko, who wants to confiscate their church building and land.

We created two blogs - one in English and one in Bulgarian. On the blogs we posted information exposing the dictatorship of Lukashenko, his campaign against New Life Church, videos and text.

We also opened an email account: freebelarusnow @ gmail.com

Yesterday, Mihaela Djorgova who heads our Public Relations office in Bulgaria, and I were working on the upcoming press-release regarding the situation in Belarus. Things are escalating there once again and the government is now taking steps to execute their plan of confiscating the church building.

We tried to get into Blogger and update our Belarus related blogs....gone!

We tried to check the email account freebelarusnow @ gmail.com..gone!

Just like that, without any communication or signal, Google has single-handedly deleted our email account freebelarusnow@gmail.com, which is the administrator account for the two blogs and has deleted the blogs as well!

We don't know exactly who at Google has done that and we don't even care. When you have a technology company of this size, there can be all sorts of people working there....

But as for me, this was one too many of Google actions that has now made me a Google sceptic for life.

So, here it is: I officially am pulling out ALL my accounts from Google and will try as much as possible to never use their services, whether it's email, documents, calendars or whatever.

Now, consider this:

    * Our blogs didn't have some huge following and traffic.
    * We didn't post any materials that might be considered illegal, pornographic, violent or such.
    * We didn't do ANYTHING except post information exposing the corrupt communist thug and dictator and his criminal actions against a heroic church in Belarus.

And yet someone at Google was obviously WATCHING! If they watch and shut down AT WILL small publications like these AND their email account (can you get more nasty than this???) THINK what they might be doing to others - bigger and more influential publications, etc.

NOBODY likes Big Brother watching, whether his name is Google or otherwise.

One more reason for me to be 100% convinced that we need Internet services if we are to have the FREEDOM to say and publish what we want on the Internet. Yep, it has come to that!

Will we write to Google to ask for an explanation? No, we did that already the first time and their reply was a canned response. It won't be much different this time. I'm not wasting one more minute of my life with this arrogant company.

Make your own judgement and if you think this information might help others, PASS IT ALONG!

PS: If you are interested in our web design services, check out our web site at www.leaguemedia.com or contact us to see if we can help you. With us you and your organization will never have to worry about any Big Brother pulling the plug on you whenever they wish!

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